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Do not remember what God has forgotten in our lives!

In the Bible God says that there is something each one of us do not have the right to do. And what is that? We do not have the right to remember our former life of sin. Why is this? It is because God forgets them. Hebrews 10:17 says "Their sins and lawless act I will remember no more". It is not that God pretends to forget our sins but God looks at them only in the light of the shed blood of Jesus on the cross. Looking through this sacrifice, God sees a believer and will not remember their sin. Outside this god will remember all our sins, till the last generation. For a believer God has put our sins away from us as far as the East is from the west (Isa 38:17). So as his children let's not try to remember what God has forgotten in our lives. Our past sins should not continue to define our future.

Sunday sermon series continues on Romans 12, Hope to see you there.

Have an awesome weekend, it's pretty out there.

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