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Mathews George

Pastor Mathews George was born in India and raised as a member of one of the Early Churches of Christendom that was begun by Apostle Thomas in AD 53 (known as the Thomas Christians of India). After earning his business degree and working as the leader of a large business organization, the Lord called him into ministry in 2004. He, along with his wife Anju, moved to Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA, where he earned his Masters in Theology and Christian Leadership and was ordained as a Pastor. Over the last 13 years, Mathews has served in three churches, including the one where he is currently serving. Mathews has traveled extensively, initiated various missions and is a passionate, theologically-grounded, Holy Spirit-led, expository communicator of the Bible. As a Pastor, he has encouraged and mentored many people in faith and ministry. Mathews loves to share Jesus Christ through words and action to everyone he comes across. He believes Christianity can be enjoyed in a relational domain - where Jesus knows us and we know him. His spiritual goal is to be contrite before God and "vulnerable" to the Holy Spirit's guidance through a lifestyle of love and worship.

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